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Birth name *
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Travel document information

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Digital nomad basic information form - continued

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City/Place of intended stay * Address in the Republic of Croatia of intended stay upon entry
Active e-mail address * The information on approved application and all other communication with competent body in the Republic of Croatia will be sent to this e-mail address
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Intended period of stay

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Upload documents (*Only in pdf format. The maximum file size limit for each individual upload is 2MB)

Scanned documents must be translated into Croatian or English language
Travel document (passport etc.) * The period of validity of the travel document must be 3 months longer than the period of validity of the intended stay
Health insurance * Proof of travel or private health insurance must cover the territory of the Republic of Croatia
Proof of purpose of stay *
Means of subsistence *
Excerpt from criminal records * Certain foreign public documents must be legalized in accordance with special regulations. Information on legalisation procedure can be found here
Address of acommodation in the Republic of Croatia (reservation/lease contract/title deed) *
* I hereby confirm that all information provided are complete, true and correspond to the data contained in the documents attached. Certificates in another language are attached in the Croatian or English translation.
* I hereby confirm that I will communicate any change of my personal data to the Croatian competent authorities before I enter the Republic of Croatia
* I hereby give consent that all my personal data provided in this form will be used for the purpose of processing and deciding on this application for temporary residence
* I hereby give consent that all my personal data provided in this form may be forwarded to the competent authorities of the Republic of Croatia. I also give my consent that they be verified and processed and that legally prescribed procedures necessary for conducting a relevant security clearance procedure be taken for the purpose of deciding on this application
* I hereby give consent that my personal data are computer processed for the purpose of the application and filing
* I hereby agree that my application will be refused on account of incomplete and inaccurate data as well as in case of fraudulently acquired or falsified documents.
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